AEP Ohio CBP Application

Welcome to the application website for the AEP Ohio competitive bidding process (“CBP”).

This website exclusively serves as the resource for submitting the necessary materials to become a Qualified Bidder in the CBP:

  1. Part 1 Inserts
  2. Part 1 Form
  3. Part 2 Inserts
  4. Part 2 Form

For information about the auction, please refer to the documentation on the main website,, as this website is exclusively for submitting the qualification materials.

To submit your forms, we recommend referring to the Application Process guide.

This website contains information related to the procurement of full requirements service for AEP Ohio and is intended as a general reference source for all prospective procurement participants. The site contains descriptions and summaries of documents and information for general background and convenience only. Prospective participants and other interested parties should review complete copies of the relevant documents (also found on this website) and should obtain independent advice before making decisions concerning any CBP.